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Wurm Online screenshot Wurm Online

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Wurm Online is a wilderness survival MMO. It takes place in a persistent online world, that is maintained by players. In Wurm you choose your adventure from countless possibilities. Explore miles of wilderness in every direction. Craft armor and weapons to hunting wild monsters and even other players. Build roads, plant forests, and terraform land. Build a house and create a farm. Trade with other players in a player based economy. Even create expansive mineshafts in search of many valuable minerals. Are you ready to find yourself? Wurm is waiting.

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Game submitted by Serjndestroy, Pattern23 (thanks!)
  • abrahim

    Sounds good,looks good but don’t work in Ubuntu 12.04 :(
    The clien downloading,installation is failing for some reason.

    It looks like it cant find the client files to download.

    • Chris DeAngelis

      Make sure you have a stable version of Java for your version of Linux. Then simply click the “play” button on the website. You may have to allow execution of this JNLP file.

  • Ccubedd

    Amazing sandbox style game. Build a home in the wilderness. Join a village and help them prosper. Or go out hunting and make your own adventure. So much is possible in this gem of a game. Use Java Web Start to launch the program. I have it working perfectly in Linux Mint Oneiric.

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