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Category: Racing License: Free / Open source 9,091 views

VDrift is a driving simulation made with drift racing in mind. This game is in the early stages of development but is already very playable.

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  • Abhinav Abhinavdelhi Kumar26

    how to download a game?

  • shT

    this is Live for speed m f

  • Pepe

    video fake, game live for speed

  • Chris

    I like it, it’s got plenty of cars and tracks and easy control setup. The only major problem is that I haven’t found a way to get the car to reverse. The brake button doesn’t do it and there’s no control you can set up to reverse. If you face plant into a wall, you have to use a combination of the forward (gas) and left/right controls to get out of it, which takes precious time. I’ve never before played a racing game with no reverse control.

  • Abd Rashid Abd Rahman

    ain’t that live for speed?

  • Jerome


  • Jerome


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