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Category: Racing License: Free / Open source 12,013 views

SuperTuxKart is a Free 3d kart racing game, focusing on fun and not on realistic racing physics. Race with your kart on more than 10 tracks against Tux and his friends and be the first to cross the finishing line. With many items you can make sure that you will win. You can play with up to 4 friends on one PC racing against each other, or just try to beat the computer.

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  • N.C. Weber

    Takes kart racing to a new level. The use of OSS mascots is most entertaining. If you liked MarioKart, you’ll love this game.

  • jakejw93

    The latest version running in Linux, Fantastic racing game….The update changed a lot and made the game so much better!

  • Chris

    Hands down, the best racing game out there, IMO. I like the cart-style racing that’s similar to Mario Kart but the similarities end there. The characters are mascots from open source software and there are plenty of unique tracks built by contributors. It’s a great game.

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