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Category: MMORPG License: Nonfree / Open source 31,930 views

Ryzom is a commercial open source mmorpg. This means that all the game assets are free but you pay a subscription to play on the official servers. It is a very unique skill-based game (there are no levels) that lets you develop your character in any way you prefer, form guilds & buy guild houses, craft, explore its beautiful world and socialize. You can play as one of the four Homin races to protect the living world of Atys against the giant insect invasion known as the Kitin. You’ll just have to Google a bit to find the appropriate native client for your distro.

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Game submitted by Suboxide, Seeker & N.C. Weber (thanks!)
  • Suboxide

    Ryzom has been fully free to play for some time now, you can keep playing and enjoying everything a payed account has except your max lvl on free accounts is 125 in all skill trees instead of 250 and free accounts can only buy a mount and no packers, but the 21day time limit has gone. 
    ps. to make use of this you do need to make a whole new account

  • Mladen Mijatov

    This game is not free. You can play it in trial but in order to continue playing you need to pay 8 euros a month. I’d rather play WoW for that price.

    • Kostas M

      You’re right. I updated the license :)

      • Mladen Mijatov

        Thanks :)

  • Hiponboy

    I’m playing this game for over a week, and i must say the game is fantastic!
    The most original story and content that i ever play in a morpg.

    And it’s opensource… incredible!

  • jakejw93

    The game running in Linux, It is really good and fun to play!!

  • Matt Raykowski

    It has been announced that Ryzom is now officially supported natively on Linux. There’s also a contest with a grand prize of a Linux-based netbook. Check out the news:

  • Anonymous

    Native GNU/Linux version of Ryzom is now officially supported :

  • Anonymous

    OK, finally got everything running (building client from source) but it runs well. Recorded a quick character creation and first run

  • Anonymous

    Working on making this run.

  • skoruppa

    From when Ryzom is for Linux? I cant find any info/installer… nothing.

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