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Realms Online screenshot Realms Online

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Realms Online (previously known as Regnum Online) is a free-to-play MMORPG focusing on player competition and Realm vs Realm combat.

– Realms Online offers 3 realms to choose from.
– 9 fully customizable player races.
– 6 classes with extensive customization.
– An ever-expanding number of quests.
– The ability to capture forts & castles.
– Expansive lands to explore.
– Support for Windows, Linux, and MacOSX.
– Premium items for enhanced gameplay.

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Game submitted by klq (thanks!)
  • Dingus

    This should probably be updated, it’s actually called Realms Online now, but yeah I played this game a LONG time ago before I started using Linux. I was getting really tired of not being able to play games on Linux and having the hassle of rebooting my computer to actually play any games. And then I heard this game was cross platform, and that’s what made me keep using Linux.

    • Kostas M

      Thanks Dingus, I updated the title, website url and video :)

  • FelicityHale

    Excellent game. Cash shop does not let you buy to win. Proper F2P title with large focus on open world RvR and PvP. Well balanced PvP. Strong core ownership dev team still regularly playing and enjoying the game themselves. One of the fastest grinds out there, lots of xp bonus on offer with a strong team of GMs.

  • Anonymous

    Probably the best game I’ve ever played

  • Hansiqc

    I was a player on the beta version and I play since then.  Good community and the game is improving but, overall, it stills a money making game for NDG and Gamigo. So you have to buy game improvements (mounts and some special items). I live in North America and I paly on three different servers (Nemon french ; Horus english ; and Ra- spanish server, without any problem to register

  • Chris

    If you live in North America, go here to get and register the game:
    For some reason, that information is not anywhere on their main site.  I spent 20 minutes the other day trying to register for an account but the registration form wasn’t there.  Finally, with Google and blind luck, I found a post about it on their forums.  Apparently, if you have a North American IP address, you can’t register at Regnum Online, you have to do it at Realms Online.  It’s the same game but it’s the NA version.

    The game itself is good.  I’m running it on Peppermint OS and it runs like a champ on my machine with all of the graphics settings maxed.  Graphics-wise, I’d say it’s about the level of a Playstation 2 game, but that’s not bad for a F2P MMORPG.  I haven’t played much of the story but it looks good.

    Note for Fedora Users:  I was playing it in Fedora 15 Beta and it was working great but, after I installed Fedora 15 stable, the sound wouldn’t work.  I tried Gnome 3, XFCE and LXDE, none had sound.

  • indja

    Can I play this game on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Merket??

  • Punti


  • Pierrick Charlebois

    The engine and game itself is extremely good, the class, skill desing and ect is very nice even though it’d need some balance, but content wise, its like the worste game ever, there is no PvE content at all (well, regular mobs and quest, witch is NOT considered a real PvE content) and the pvp is… well, the world pvp is nice but, thats not enough to make it real end game content, so if they’d add some REAL end game, it would be the best mmorpg ever made

  • Panchoxh_37

    ignissssssssssss siiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yeaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • ssss

    this game have very bad performance with new nvidia drivers, there is bug in regnum oGL but NGD is lazy to repire it and this game leaks any balance system (unbalanced nuber of ppl in relms) rlm guest items and drops from in rlm bosses (one relm has great items second has piece of garbage)

  • Thatone

    Very good MMO and free. Nice friendly players. Takes a lot of time to level up though, so I had to give it up.

  • Az62653203

    我查 你们说的是啥鸟语

  • Hannah

    I find Regnum Online an amazing MMO to play – the community is like something I could never imagine. No spamming, decent manners and a good laugh. Since the Technology Update, the graphics have improved dramatically (especially for users with higher performance computers) making the gameplay much more inviting to the eye. NGD Studios aren't stopping there either. In February, characters will also be updated to look more realistic and pleasing to all.
    The Invasions system is fantastic as it gets the whole realm together to fight for special rewards, the PvE is average and could do with some tweaking, the PvP is great, although again it could use a few balancing patches, the quests aren't bad as they give a decent amount of XP, but most of the quest lines are much the same, with the exception of the one quest arc per realm.

    In conclusion, considering the NGD team are only about twenty people strong and the game is free to play as well as giving graphics a major overhaul, I would be sure that this is a chance that cannot be passed by anyone looking for a very promising MMORPG.

  • Asgaard

    This game is great. The graphics arent the best, but the Realm vs Realm and the idea of having forts is amazing. Playing on Tyr is a pain in the ass while there arent much players, but that problem isnt there on Horus.

  • archangel

    Been playing this for around 6 months now and its great to play such a game under linux with a native client

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