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Category: MMORPG License: Free / Open source 20,500 views

Planeshift is a free and open-source MMORPG. It features 12 playable races, crafting, lots of quests, player housing and a big world to explore.

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  • Trevor Dorl

    This whole project just seems…….like it is being written and produced by a child.

    • Leo Burbridge

      It is. I seriously think it is.

    • Rex

      A bloody talented one who’s been plugging away at this resource-free for years!

  • Constantine Kamikaze

    Lol lineage2 song aaah memories…

  • Jack

    Nice game.Try it.

  • N.C. Weber

    This game is difficult to follow. No accurate maps of the world. No real direction for how you are supposed to explore and find things. It’s still in development and has a long way to go, but there’s great potential here. Just not ready for prime time…yet!

    • uldics

      That’s why I like it – you experience is not just a number in game to be maxed, but real experience is necessary to not get lost and know what to do. Its not for kiddies, who just wants every thinking moment done already.

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