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Dofus is a 2-D Flash based Tactical MMORPG. Billed as a tactical game in an interactive comic book work, in the lands of Amakna, you can choose to play characters as diverse as Sadidas’ Shoe, Xelor’s Hourglass (they manipulate time), Osamodas’ Whip and Enutrof’s Finger (they’re great treasure hunters!).

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  • User

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  • N.C. Weber

    Nice online game. Reminiscent of the original Final Fantasy game. Fun to play, but fulfilling quests can be tricky. One correction, this isn’t a Flash game, it’s an Adobe AIR game. The installation requires Adobe AIR (which is part of the install, bless them) in order to run. There is a constant battle between Adobe’s autoupdating of AIR and Ubuntu’s Update Manager. The versions seem different. Eventually, Update Manager wins. A nuisance to have to download and install the thing twice.

  • AnotherLinuxGamer

    Most Content Is for premium members. Only a VERY small portion of the game is for free players.
    A premium subscription is fairly cheap though. Game is very fun & enjoyable.

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