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One of the hard parts in Linux gaming is to actually find good games!

Being a professional Designer & Developer, I decided to create Penguspy as my contribution to the Linux ecosystem.

The goal of this project is to act as a showcase of the best Linux games (not all games, just the good ones), raise awareness of Linux as a gaming platform and provide an easy way to install all these games, in an aesthetically pleasing, feature-rich and easy to use environment.

Penguspy is continually updated with more games and functionality.

(You can read more at Penguspy’s development blog)

Contribute to Penguspy

There are many ways in which you can contribute to Penguspy!

  1. Submit games to Penguspy.
  2. Rate, rate & rate! It is very important to rate games you are familiar with. By doing this, you help Penguspy build a more reliable and concise database of games that other people can browse through. (I plan to build a mini-app in Penguspy that will let you go through the games with the least amount of ratings and …rate them).
  3. Spread the word! If you really like a game, then share it with your friends! The quickest way is by clicking the Facebook ‘like’ button, which is available in every game page.
  4. Discuss! Post your opinion about a game, provide links with additional resources, tutorials, maps, addons, etc!
  5. Join Penguspy’s community page on Facebook (it has extra content).

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Kostas Mavropalias

Design Architect & Developer