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0 A.D. screenshot 0 A.D.

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Category: Strategy License: Free / Open source 27,241 views

Lead a civilization set in the imaginary year of 0 A.D., develop a thriving city, raise a mighty army and contend with rivals for hegemony of the world. History is yours for the taking!

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  • Guest

    Alpha 15 is out with the multiplayer lobby. :) Just thought I’d mention it. Great game.

  • for(;;)alert(“LOL”)

    In my opinion, its the best game free, open-source game out there, maybe behind Xonotic. Highly recommend it.

  • Guest

    Graphics look AWESOME, installing on Debian

  • Austin Williamson

    Pretty addicting. Jus’ don’t expect to play epic 8-player matches on a dual-core machine.

  • Dfsfs

    so beautiful !

  • Guest

    segmentation fault on ubuntu maverick :-(

    • Randomperson

      Apparently that’s because of a NVIDIA graphics issue. There’s a fix for it, if you care to try again. :)

      • Thomas Boutroue

        i’ve the same pb and updating the nvidia drivers to 260.19.26 did NOT solve the pb. :-(
        and all the others real 3D games are not working (Sauerbraten…)

      • Chris

        Same thing for Mint 10, which is based off of the Ubuntu 10.10 source code. Though, Sauerbraten works just fine.

      • Randomamil

        ¬†For anyone reading this a year later. Most segment faults are because you are using an Nvidia driver with AMD hardware. Purge your driver and download the linux software from AMD’s website.

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