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Category: Puzzle License: Free / Open source 10,724 views

Zaz is a game where the player has to get rid of incoming balls by arranging them in triplets. The idea of the game is loosely based on games like Luxor, Zuma and Puzzle Bobble. The twists that make Zaz stand out from other games of this type are that the balls have to be picked from the path (insted of being randomly assigned for the player) and that the player’s “vehicle” is also attached to a path which is different from level to level.

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Game submitted by anonymous (thanks!)
  • Linux4Ever

    It looks interesting .

  • N.C. Weber

    The strategy here is more involved than in Zuma since you have to remove then replace the colored marbles in order to advance the game, and the players vehicle moves along a track instead of staying put in one place and rotating. Very interesting twist on the genre.

  • jakejw93

    Running in Linux, The game is quite good and is freeeeee :)

  • vanysha

    Zuma clone

    • gens


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