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The Babylon Project screenshot The Babylon Project

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Category: Flight Sim License: Free / Close source 22,086 views

The Babylon Project is a Babylon 5 conversion for FreeSpace 2, an award winning space combat simulation game.

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Game submitted by anonymous (thanks!)
  • Kevin
  • ミヤトヴ ムラデン

    Looks interesting but the only Linux version is available through PlayDeb. If you are not running Ubuntu (like me) you can’t really install it. I didn’t try downloading full DVD since it’s 3.4GB and I don’t want to spend hours downloading only to end up with crappy windows-only version. :(

    Too bad, I really wanted to give it a go.

    • Eric Kalki

      There are ways to convert deb files on rpm or other if you want

      there is also a thread on the forum : and I think you don’t need the Freescape 2 game, just the open freescape engine

    • Eric Kalki

      but you are right getting freescape mods to work is not easy

      • ミヤトヴ ムラデン

        I am running Debian Mint and although I can probably install deb files meant for Ubuntu I’d rather not play with machine I use for work. :)

      • My Name Is

        I was in the same situation (Debian (AVLinux) for work)…just dual boot, have a 25 GB partition with Mint 12 on it. Perfect base for Linux gaming.

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