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Steel Storm: Episode 1 screenshot Steel Storm: Episode 1

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Steel Storm is an action-packed top-down 3D arcade shooter with awesome graphics, effects and environments! Episode 1 is the first (free) installment of the game and if features 6 missions where you get to kill hordes of intelligent enemies that know no mercy, destroy structures and obstacles and explore huge territories with your hover-tank. Episode 2 is also available for $10, adding more content and new challenges.

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  • Phillip Evans

    only the demo is free.

    From website: “Try Buy Blog About”

  • Guest

    Very nice graphics and sound. Nice to relieve that “craving” for some shooting,

  • Anonymous

    Can you add a sorting options to games so that i can sort it by license. I am interested in only free GPL games.

    • Kostas M

      At the moment you can filter between free and/or commercial games using the two buttons above the game list. This basically lets you see if you need to buy a game or not and does not provide more detailed info. It’s not very hard to add an extra filter, but that information does not exist in the database yet. So, it’s on my plans to add such a filter but it’ll take some time :/

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