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Spiral Knights screenshot Spiral Knights

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Spiral Knights is a browser-based, free-to-play, online mmo set in a fantasy / sci-fi world and is inspired by old rpg games like Zelda and Secret of Mana. While it’s an MMO, Spiral Knights also has a large focus on co-op, action RPG-style play. You can team up with up to four friends, and run around the constantly changing 3D world bashing monsters. And, of course, there are all the genre mainstays like character customization, weapon crafting, and guilds.

Their business plan seems to revolve around purchasing ‘energy’ which allows you to activate machines and purchase other things in game. This energy is also replaced every 24 hours but you can buy more at any time.

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  • John

    Game has been updated, also i cant get it to work :(

  • jorge

    It’s a nice game, nice graphics, engaging, fun to play with friends. The good thing is that you play with people in your level. =)

  • Debian User

    WEAK game from facism management! DONT play!

    game finished for hardcore players with last patch. this is linux compatible game but with “fascism game management”. this is not linux users style. and some visual effects of game really “healty eye killer”. try blast bomb series 5 stars specialy white visual effects one…. too fast and bad blast effect… dont give money this game! dont give time…

  • ミヤトヴ ムラデン

    Game is not bad at all. A bit poor in content for MMO. All you do is go deeper in to mines which are basically levels and then beat them. For every descent you spend 10 energy (you get 100 energy every day). Clever trick is the claim of game being Free-To-Play. Well, that is true to an extent. You can’t get more than 100 energy a day unless you pay them. And many things require far more than 100 energy. While you can buy additional energy (100) for 3000+ crowns (in game money) it takes almost exactly that amount to earn that kind of money. I am not sure if this bought energy can be stacked but bottom line is if you don’t pay you can’t play, or at least do anything in the game. Some things are also time limited forcing you to play more, far more than daily free stuff they give you.

    After playing for hour or so am already bored :/ but I’ll give it a try few more times to confirm the initial feelings about this game.

  • Javier Ayres

    Works right out of the box in Linux!

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