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Revenge of The Titans screenshot Revenge of The Titans

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Category: Strategy License: Nonfree / Open source 9,589 views
At first they came from the skies. In the ensuing war, Earth was laid waste, but we had won… But that was just the first strike – now the invasion has landed! Defeat the returning Titan horde in a series of epic ground battles, save the Earth, again, and command the counterstrike against their homeworld!
Construct and command your ground defences in a series of increasingly massive battles across the solar system, in our frenetic arcade mash-up of Real Time Strategy and Tower Defence!
Take a visit to R&D to discover the latest technology, then build a network of blaster turrets, rocket launchers and laser cannon, explosives, barricades and shield generators, refineries and reactors, and send forth your own droid army to battle the invading alien forces!
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Game submitted by spr0k3t & anonymous (thanks!)
  • Gu

    It’s open source now.

    • Kostas M

      Hi Gu, the devs have mentioned that they would make the game open source but I can’t find any news on that yet. Care to share a link?

  • Stormchas3r

    Can’t purchase the pre-order! what gives?

  • jakejw93

    Showing this game run in Linux, Fantastic must get game!!!

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