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Minecraft screenshot Minecraft

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Category: Action Arcade Strategy License: Nonfree / Close source 40,774 views

This is a terribly addicting game and although it is currently in Beta it doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying it as it has more than a million people registered to play, with more than 300,000 paying to play. Minecraft is a game that will keep you up til 3 or 4 AM. You can mine, explore caverns, fight monsters, build huge structures, or just explore an infinite world seeing the wondrous sights.

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Game submitted by Tom, Brian Guertin & Andrew (thanks!)
  • Some Random Guy


  • Helo

    jestem polakiem jak to pobrac zna ktos sposub

  • Kchikmo

    the xbox market place version total miner forge is way way waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better

    • Your Mother

      You are a fucking idiot.

      • Henrydraton

         Yes he is, yes he is.

      • From finland

        Here in finland we have names for people like Kchikmo age 13 who think they are cool by drinking energy drinks and skateboarding. They ar called “Jonnes”

      • GameCriticOF

        nothing is better then Minecraft it has the potential to wow the whole world. It is one of the biggest games ever.

  • Neforma_xxx


    • Jeremiah

      ko nemokate, kaip kaipmors galesime padeti ar ismokinti :)

  • robin van ee

    Started playing it a few months back, played it way too much and then moved on.
    Last week I saw some of my online friends had a server, so I got back, this time with multiplayer.
    I would love the play it right now but beta fucked up one of our server mods, so I can’t play…

  • jakejw93

    The game running in Linux, Absolutely amazing game!!!!

  • TOM

    Left unchecked, Minecraft will eat up all your free time! It’s so addictive, and there’s not even a goal, you just gather resources and build tools so you can gather more resources…

    Having said that it’s great! Plus it’s not even finished yet, so it can only get better once it get’s past the alpha and beta stages.

    • Asdfjsdf

       You create your own goals through survival, thriving, and communication with other players.

  • Rusty Stiles


  • Fede


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