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King Arthur’s Gold screenshot King Arthur’s Gold

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King Arthur’s Gold is a game created by Mike Marcinkowski (Soldat), with sprites created by Geti( KAG was started in 2011 after being inspired by Soldat, Minecraft, King Arthur’s World for the SNES and Ace Of Spades.

It’s an action multiplayer 2D game where you can play archer, knight or builder to build fortress and make medieval sieges. The objective of the game is simple: have more gold than your opponents. Obviously, this involves some petty theft and mining but it seems like you can also loot bodies for it.


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  • The Informer

    The new Beta release is far better, with ships, drills, catapults, balistae, kegs/mini-kegs, archer daggers, wooden blocks and stone, factories that use blueprints and produce items, storage, trader who sells blueprints, supply drops, crop and tree planting, mill saw for cutting wood, pyro technology (fire arrows and fire satchels, mounted bows, sharks, fishies, kitchen to cook food, a scroll that kills all enemies on screen, trampolines in Team Deathmatch, flowing water and loads more.

  • Dingus

    Like a team deathmatch game in Terraria. Extremely addictive.

  • Tian

    It’s just merely like terraria. I played the free version and It’s really fun! you chose between a builder (builds stairs, walls, workshops, etc) a knight, or an archer, and fight on different scenarios… pretty cool, and the premium version comes with a “zombie fortress” mode

  • Leandro Duarte

    Alguém sabe os pré-requisitos de hardware? / Does anyone know the hardware prerequisites?

  • Pomke

    Terraria? o.O

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