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JVGS is a free, minimalistic platform game. It takes place in a world much like ours, which has started fading away. At a point where nearly everything has gone, a poet finds himself, alone in a strange world of danger. He starts a journey along the broken stream of thoughts that’s left.

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  • Noman

    Cool game. NO probs building and running the game on LinuxFromScratch. (RTFM – or the included README at least)

  • MillerMan

    I should not have to install it via playdeb it should work right out of the box like most games.

  • Rodrigo

    In ubuntu you can install it via playdeb repository (

  • MillerMan

    Hey there so yeah this game looks pretty cool has a feeling of Braid and And Yet It Moves. I could not get the game to compile. I am running Ubuntu 10.10 and it would have been alot better if they would have made something that was already compiled.

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