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Hive Rise screenshot Hive Rise

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Category: Strategy License: Free / Close source 18,345 views

Hive Rise is a high speed real time strategy game full of action., where you can compete for free against thousands of other players and decorate yourself with great trophies!

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  • Orkultus
  • Luke McDaniel

    Yeah, this was a promising game, was great fun, when I got it to work, but it was plagued with issues which got worse after the devs disappeared…

    Too bad…

  • Fildakor

    game doesnt work :( why ??

  • BzH_4t40

    still available ? homepage link doesn’t work

    • 1s3ct0wN

      Same here, where can I download this game from ?

      • Kostas M

        It looks like the game has been abandoned by its devs and I can’t find a download link anywhere :/

  • Austin Williamson

    Looks like fun!

  • jakejw93

    Running in Linux, Great strategy game…Very fast paced and fun to play!

  • Alexander

    Turn off the radio to have less crashes

  • Ds24

    حلوه اللعبه وربي

  • Mainstream

    Fun game but it keeps crashing all the time :-(

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