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Category: Racing License: Nonfree / Close source 14,585 views
H-Craft Championship is a fun to play sci-fi racer, resembling the popular Wipeout. It features 28+ racetracks, a unique driving physics simulation, a fresh design, and a challenging Championship mode. The 2 time-attack modes offer the option to exchange ghost drivers with your friends for competition.On “Rivals” up to 4 players can have a tournament on a single PC.
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Game submitted by Jake ward (thanks!)
  • anon

    games for linux must be always free!

    • Anonymous


    • Ricky Runyon

      Why do you expect games to be free? These people take out the time from their lives to make these games and give them to the public. Most of these people have jobs and families. Why not support them and pay a little for a game or at least donate? I agree that commercial games’ prices are outrageous, but it doesn’t mean you should expect games to be free.

  • MillerMan

    Hey there I would like to say that this game SUCKS with Ubuntu 10.10. First the sound was working for about 4 mins then died. Then when I tried to exit it would not let me back into my desktop. These are two major flaws for this game. For this I would not try it again it sucks because it looked like fun to.

  • Jim79

    Awsome game I just bought the full version.

  • jakejw93

    I suggested this the other day along with my own video of it running in Linux …


    Please take your time to look, This game is brilliant!

    • Kostas M

      The video was added because you suggested it “Game submitted by Jake ward (thanks!)”!

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