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FlightGear is a collaborative project that aims to create a sophisticated free, completely open-source flight simulator

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  • Tim O’Neil

    Its not as bad as you make it sound. Free as in Free Beer, yes, and its not quite on par with Flight Sim, but I refuse to use Windows as a platform for anything, and as flght sims go FG is pretty damn good for free.

  • thevaliantx

    It’s a terrible-looking game, quite honestly.  Still, this is Linux we’re talking about (and yes, I’m a fan of Linux).  As long as the community is relying on FREE help this is the type of quality you will get.

  • Chris

    Flight Gear is really sweet. You can fly all over the world an in a variety of aircraft by downloading files from their website. I first found out about this several months ago after I installed it in Mint and I’ve been in love with it ever since. The scenery isn’t quite as good as what you’d find in a commercial flight sim but it’s free and really great, lots of fun.

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