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Braid screenshot Braid

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Braid is a platform game in a painterly style where you manipulate the flow of time to solve puzzles. Every puzzle in Braid is unique, and the game does everything to give you a mind-expanding experience. Journey into worlds where time behaves strangely observe, learn from, and then master these worlds. Braid is part of Humble Bundle #2.

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Game submitted by spr0k3t & Anonymous (thanks!)
  • Baskarankarolina

    nice game

  • Anonymous

    I got this game as part of the Humble indie pack. While I didn’t find the graphic style very appealing, the game itself is brilliant. I highly recommend everyone to give this game a shot.

  • Zenith

    Can’t recommend this game enough. Very tricky platform puzzler, but the tone and the mood is just hard to describe. Must try!

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