Games on Linux. Say what? :o

by enosis

Hello everybody, Penguspy reporting for all gamers across the globe :)

I am a gamer in a state of denial. I refuse to use windows anymore! I love the speed,stability and ease of use of my Linux desktop pc (doesn’t matter which distro I use). But I also love games :/

So now what? Am I doomed playing sudoku and breakout for ever? I want some real games … you know, like the ones I used to play in windows.

I tried to search for games through my package manager, but after two weeks of browsing through thousands of …awesome games I noticed that I was still half-way through the list …nice.So I decided to ask google for some help:  “best linux games”. And voila! Thousands of lists with the top 10 Linux games from 1840 through 2030! Seriously, there must be some kind of game-spam-bot creating the same list over and over, because all ‘top 10′ lists seem to have the same games!

On my next try I went crazy on a quest to find all Linux gaming sites. And I did …all 5 of them! Oh the joy. Now I could go through lists of thousands of games, once more (only on two of the five sites, ’cause the other three required a brain implant to figure out how to find a good game …on a site about games).


I suppose lots of people must hate me now :)

Seriously, there are lots of good gaming sites dedicated to Linux that I visit daily, and even more great games.

But I’m trying to think like a first-time Linux user, or a windows user that wants to make the switch to Linux. I would like to have an easy way to find all the good games available on Linux. I would like to be able to see community ratings, screenshots, videos, user comments and other nice features that make the process of finding a good game easy!

I also want to view every single good game that I can play on Linux. That means that I am also interested in commercial games, both with native Linux support or emulation (wine) . Why should I limit myself just on open source games, if a commercial one is really worth its money? Of course, I want to be able to filter the games based on their license (open source/commercial/etc).

Finally, I also want to be able to install and actually play these games! Hehe, yeah, that’s a tough one :)

Being a Web/Interactive Designer and a gamer, I decided to create Penguspy as my contribution to the Linux ecosystem.

Penguspy is not a gaming news site. It’s not going to have reviews and interviews.

The goal of this project is to act as a showcase of all the good games in Linux (regardless of distro), raise awareness of Linux as a gaming platform and provide an easy way to install all these games, in an aesthetically pleasing, feature-rich and easy to use interface.

The site is constantly been updated with more games and more features.

A big thanks to the 24.000 people that visited Penguspy in the first week of its public beta, along with an even bigger thanks to the other Linux gaming sites that helped in the creation of Penguspy.

Now, I would like to ask your help in rating the games that you have played and maybe leave a comment to help other users decide on a game.

I hope you’ll stick around and spread the word! ;)

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