Development log

by enosis

As you may have noticed, new features have been added to Penguspy in the past couple of weeks.

  • Game details page
    • improved layout
    • added ‘similar games’ list
  • Homepage
    • added more sorting options (and integrated them in a single drop-down menu)
    • now you can view more games in a single page (12, 24, 48, 96)
    • you can filter the games based on their license (free / commercial)!
    • …and you can use all of the above at once!
  • Other

Some of the things that I am working on, are:

  • fix/improve the layout of the search page, and add a search box below the main menu
  • create a section for windows games played through wine/cedega. I want to showcase the platinum quality games, as suggested at wine’s website (although some ‘platinum’ games are not that …platinum).
  • create a section for emulators. Basically suggest the best emulators for each platform, how to obtain/install and use them.
  • create a section with other Linux community gaming sites
  • some games do not have good videos and some other games that I want to add do not have a youtube video at all. I want to hightlight these ‘problems’ in the game pages and ask help from the community (create and submit new/better videos in HD)
  • create a ‘report’ button in the game pages, in case some information is outdated/incorrect or the video is no longer available/incorrect/etc.
  • provide more information about each game as you browse through them. The plan is to add a small vertical sidebar next to each game’s thumbnail, with icons like free/commercial, community rating, etc.
  • create a proper logo for Penguspy
  • clean-up and improve the site’s design/graphics/usability

Hmm, I think I don’t forget something.  Do you have any other ideas?

I will provide more information about the install button in a future development log.

Thanks for your support people!

Please don’t forget to rate the games that you have experienced/played, so that the rest of the community can have a more meaningful experience as they browse through games!