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Blob Wars II: Blob & Conquer screenshot Blob Wars II: Blob & Conquer

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Category: Action Shooter License: Free / Open source 6,741 views

Blob Wars II: Blob & Conquer is a fun action/shooting game where you control and fight with blobs!

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  • 21h

    mega game!

  • Moses

    I thought the first Blob Wars game was a solid 2D platformer.  This one is is decent game, but the lo-fi graphics might turn people off.

    • 21h

      graphics nice

      • Xavier Mendez

        graphics [are] nice, very good, but on some platforms images and textures are not displayed, thus making them lo-fi

  • idunno

    it’s an ok game, but the camera angle is AWFUL and i can’t find a way to simply follow the character

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