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Atom Zombie Smasher screenshot Atom Zombie Smasher

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Category: Strategy License: Nonfree / Close source 5,172 views

The only thing standing between peace and the zombie apocalypse is 90 million tons of Honest John baby nukes, 300 million tons of Vulcan-65 airstrike missiles, and a generous amount of napalm. Use them wisely.

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  • Fletch Hasues

    I did enjoy the game when it worked, unfortunately it was very hit or miss.  It appears that the game was primarily written in .NET for 32 bit on older mono runtime.  The game was a good time waster however, and I’m hoping that this is working in the future. I gave this a rating of 5 stars noting that it really doesn’t work for me and is so hit or miss, but I do note that it is capable code seeing as it works on that “other” platform. :P

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